Choose the below criteria for your ad:
1. Select Customer Type:
2. Select Heading:
3. Select Category:
Free Ads: 1 per customer, per week. Stipulations apply and will be explained in Step 2.
Individuals who make items for sale: Select “Business” in step 1 above if you do NOT own a store front.
Businesses who sell inventory: Select “Business” in step 1 above if you DO own a store front business.
*Packages for a variety of businesses can be selected in Step 4.

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, The Republic will have advanced deadlines for classified advertising.
Line ad deadlines:
Saturday's paper Friday at 8am
Sunday's paper: Friday at 10am
Monday's paper: Friday at Noon
Tuesday's paper: Friday at 2pm
Display ad deadline:
Monday's classified display ad deadline is Wednesday at 5pm.
If you have any questions, feel free to call our classified team at 812-379-5600​